Katy Campen

Front-End Developer

My Work


I built a chat app with two other team members. The app was connected to a tiny server where we pushed and pulled data. We used HTML/CSS JavaScript and Backbone.js to build this app.

Todo App

This to-do app allows users to add, edit, and delete items from a list while keeping a count of items on the list. I used HTML/CSS and JavaScript to build this app.


This was my first real attempt at coding. After the second day of class I was asked to recreate this static web page using HTML5/CSS3.


Hi there. My name is Katy Campen and I am a Front-End Developer. I am a recent graduate from The Iron Yard Academy in Greenville, SC, where I studied UI/UX Design and Front-End Development. I also have a bachelors degree in advertising. I am a hacker and a problem solver.